Strange Fruit Art Installation

Strange Fruit Art Installation

Seattle Design Center, Seward Park Clay Studio.

The Art Installation is in honor of The Ancestors who had the courage to seek freedom.  The title is taken from the song “Strange Fruit,” sung by Billie Holliday and used as the metaphoric hand sculptures in this installation created by an 9 year old and his mother. Each strange fruit is made from reused and/or recycled materials to show the connection to death and rebirth as it relates to life and nature’s seasons. Each fruit is tagged with a part of nature to show we all belong to the same Mother and her name is Earth. The tags are in honor of the Forced -Non Paid Laborers who became either tagged or brand during 1618-1942. It was the Free Labor of African Hands working in America, South America, Cuba and The West Indies that created global economic wealth.  The trade of cotton, sugar and coffee were the top commodities of global trade. These trade commodities were produced by African hands that sowed seeds and harvested them upon the fragile and fertile soil of Mother Earth. The strange fruit in the exhibit are planted in the soil of coffee, sugar and cotton in honor of our rich, but fragile, yet fertile existence on this planet Earth.



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